How to increase sales
with LoyaltyPlant and Revel

Provide your customers the convenience of Digital Ordering with LoyaltyPlant & Revel
Customers place orders through their white-label mobile app
Orders are received in your restaurant’s POS system
All sales are tracked in your POS system
Orders are automatically printed using your existing printer

Engagement to sales in-app solution
to achieve business goals

Cost-efficient Mobile
Bonus Loyalty
Pickup and Delivery
Mobile Ordering
Targeted Marketing
Campaigns and ROI Projections
Quality Control System
Automated Database
Collection & Customer
Behavior Analytics
Referral Program and Social Media Integration
Win Back Back Lost Customers and Bounce Back Coupon Campaigns
Proximity Marketing & Special Events
Lottery Campaigns to Engage Customers During Off-season
Menu Items Promotion

Proven 12% sales growth with our solution

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