How to increase sales
with LoyaltyPlant and Revel

Provide your customers the convenience of Digital Ordering with LoyaltyPlant & Revel

All-Inclusive Solution

Order Beloved Food
Collect Bonus Points
Enjoy Rewards for Points

Beloved Food

Bonus Points

Rewards for Points

Apps that mean business
  • Cost-efficient mobile loyalty program
  • Seamless mobile ordering
  • Engagement that translates into sales
  • Used daily by more than 10M people
Advanced Cloud CRM
  • Powerful and user-friendly CRM
  • Advanced analytics tools
  • Marketing campaigns automation
  • Fast insights based on visual reports
Integrated with Revel POS system
  • Operational excellence with best-in-class POS system
  • In-app orders are received in Revel POS system and automatically displayed using the existing hardware
  • All loyalty transactions statistics including rewards is presented in POS reports

Engagement to sales in-app solution
to achieve business goals

Cost-efficient Mobile
Bonus Loyalty
Pickup and Delivery
Mobile Ordering
Targeted Marketing
Campaigns and ROI Projections
Quality Control System
Automated Database
Collection & Customer
Behavior Analytics
Referral Program and Social Media Integration
Win Back Back Lost Customers and Bounce Back Coupon Campaigns
Proximity Marketing & Special Events
Lottery Campaigns to Engage Customers During Off-season
Menu Items Promotion

Proven 12% sales growth with our solution

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